Six Inspiring Uses of Instagram’s New Feature

Beautiful and creative ways to make the most of multiple image posts on Instagram.

Beautiful and creative ways to make the most of multiple image posts on Instagram.

You’ve heard the news, right? Instagram just announced an unexpected new feature. You can now share up to ten photos or videos per post, as part of an update that’s rolling out worldwide. I’m excited to see where this goes, are you?

While we wait for the verdicts and opinions to roll in on how it affects engagement and other key metrics, I thought it’d be nice to reflect on how early adopters are using the feature.

Here’s some of my favourite ways to make use of multiple images per post right now.

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Showcase your work

If you’re a maker, crafter, designer or photographer this is such a useful way to get more eyes on your work. Make the most of your spot in people’s feeds by serving them 2-5 examples of your recent work. If they’re all from the same collection, even better.

Start a series

Do you find yourself always snapping a photo of your morning coffee? Or maybe you and your little ones match every Saturday. Share your series once a week or month like this amazing shoe/rug combo.

Feature the details

I love the possibilities here for those of us who make, sell or curate products. No more choosing whether to share a lifestyle shot or a close up – serve up both and then some. Especially useful for showcasing jewellery, hampers or high quality textiles.

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Evoke a mood or feeling

I love this sweet floral collection from Makelight founder Emily Quinton. It’s bright and full of colour, perfect for Spring. Take inspiration from Emily and curate a mood using your own photography.

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Cover an event or celebration

This is SUCH a good way to share event coverage without posting too often in one day. This’ll be huge for weddings, parties, product launches and blogger events. I can’t wait to see more event organisers making use of this.

Deliver a message

Another way to enhance the storytelling on your Instagram. Make use of the extra images to illustrate your caption, followed by a powerful statement. I can see this being really effective for charity campaigns and awareness projects.

Have you seen any amazing examples of the new feature? I’d love you to share a link to them in the comments.

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