This Week’s Favourites – Instagram Hashtags

The world of social media, blogging and our digital homes is such a huge, vibrant place. I thought I’d start taking more time each week to appreciate some of my favourites, whether they’re hashtag communities, beautifully-designed websites or someone’s amazingly helpful blog post.

To start things off I wanted to share some of the hashtag communities, projects and groups that I’m loving on Instagram at the moment.


This is a hashtag which has an almost unbelievably low amount of use, sitting pretty at just shy of 21,000 posts. It’s smallness is almost one of the best things about it – the first being how inspired I feel when I scroll through and see countless UK businesses starting, selling and creating beautiful things.

Perfect for: feeling inspired, meeting other business owners and finding potential collaborators.

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Some lovely tones ready for packaging today 💕💕

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A teeny tiny community based around those who have taken Makelight‘s Bloom workshop. The course takes you through the themes of business and branding, often asking you to seek inspiration and curate it down. I’m really enjoying being part of the Makelight membership and would highly recommend it if you’re a creative blogger or business owner.

Perfect for: visual inspiration for your business branding journey and getting to know fellow Makelight-ers

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Another small-ish hashtag that’s all about the environment we work from. Sometimes it’s taken really literally (and there’s some gorgeous locations in that feed) and other times you’ll find lovely personal stories from people running their business. If you’ve got a killer studio or view it’s one I think you’ll want to add to your hashtag list.

Perfect for: motivational stories, serious desk envy and blue skies

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This is a much larger community (at around 335k and growing) so while you might find your own posts not getting as much love as if you used a smaller hashtag, there’s plenty of inspiration and motivation here. It’s a community that’s full of business owners (of course!) and I’m always learning something new about branding, design or running a business.

Perfect for: a motivational push when you really need it and inspiration for your next blog post


Sometimes you just want to escape things for a bit. One of my current favourite ‘anything goes’ hashtag communities is #lovelysquares where you’ll find anything from travel photos to family snaps, styled flatlays to much-loved moments. It’s a bit of everything and that’s what makes it such a nice place to browse.

Perfect for: a smile, inspiration or an escape from the hustle

EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING. I love Portland so much, wanna move there with me?! 🙌🏻☀️

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Those are this week’s favourites – which are yours?

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