5 Reasons to Love Your Small Business

Today’s blog is one for you if you’re battling with your emotions, for if you’re feeling lost or down about having a ‘small’ business.

This is a topic that I’ve wrestled with before. I used to think that to start a business or explore freelancing you needed to go ‘all in’ or have a big master plan to secure huge or multiple clients. To bring in big money and create a big team. I’ve realised that you don’t. It’s okay to start small – tiny even. And it’s okay to stay small too if that’s what you love. Too often we think that ambition and the size of our success are related, but I know many, many talented and wonderful people and business owners who don’t want a seven-figure lifestyle or hundreds of clients.

It’s more than okay to have a small business and there’s so much to love about it. Here’s five reasons I think you can (and should) love your small business, especially if it’s not what was in your master plan.

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