Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog

Blogging is amazing. It really is.

It’s where I got my start in business and it’s been a passion of mine for many years now. Having your own space where you can write what you want and tell your story is freeing, motivating and so worthwhile if you’re building a business online. It’s your own real estate where you get to make all the choices.

Blogging for business has so many benefits. You can share your viewpoint with the world. You can build up authority in a space that you’re an expert in. You can share tutorials and help others to learn something new. You can share anything and everything you know, as well as the things you’re still learning about.

As amazing as blogging is, sometimes it can become overwhelming. Keeping up a blog takes a lot of time, and like any creative endeavour it’s hard to stay focused and consistent – especially if you’re going through a period of doubt or you’re feeling lost.

Today I wanted to share some ideas on what to do with your blog if you want to take action but you’re not feeling the writing side of things. Here are some simple ways to improve your blog that don’t involve writing fresh, new blog posts.


1. Update your ‘about me’ page

This was something I featured in my recent community update and it’s an area of my blog that I’ve updated recently too (you’ll find mine here). Having a strong, personal and completely ‘you’ about me or biography page makes a huge difference. We’re curious and we like to get to know others. What story are you sharing?

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to your ‘about’ page here are a few pointers:

  • Have a recent, large, happy photo of yourself – if it’s professionally shot that’s great, but a high quality selfie works well too
  • Introduce who you are, what you do and, crucially, how you can help others
  • Share some of your personality – what do you do for fun? Where’s your favourite coffee shop? Where’s your favourite place to relax?
  • Have a call to action – invite people to email you, direct them towards your new Facebook Group, or ask them to head over to your blog

This last one depends entirely on you, your business and your style, but personally I love to read people’s stories. Your history, your journey, your experiences – they’re what make you uniquely you and they’re really powerful. Sharing your life or business story can really help people connect with and remember you. If you’re not comfortable with sharing your journey or that’s not a direction you want to go down, try sharing a few snippets – some funny anecdotes or memories that will stick in your audience’s mind. The key here is to be relatable and memorable.


2. Refresh your design or colours

We’re not talking a full-on rebrand here, but I know that when I’m feeling overwhelmed and don’t want to write that tinkering with my blog layout becomes very attractive. It’s calming to take a step away from the ‘serious’ stuff like words and email sequences and spend some time experimenting with colours, font choices or photography.

There’s a balance to strike here between remaining in line with your brand and satisfying your desire to ‘just see what that green would look like’, but as long as you don’t stray too far from your visual identity it should be fine.

If you’re getting the urge to start tinkering, here’s a few ideas (just don’t do them all at once!):

  • Test out different fonts and font combinations – making sure that your body font (that’s this area here) is easy to read
  • Experiment with colours for your header, sidebar and other accent areas – make a note of colour codes so you can easily swap back
  • Replace existing imagery with new photography
  • Introduce design elements – like I’ve been doing recently with the flowers and leaves (let me know what you think!)
  • Refresh what’s in your sidebar and introduce a new element, e.g. a Pinterest feed
  • Change your navigation menu so that the order and links reflect the actions you want people to take
  • Add a call to action (like an email signup) to your footer or sidebar


3. Update an existing post

Okay, so this one does involve a little writing but nothing too overwhelming. Chances are your blog is a goldmine of content and you don’t actually need to write anything new at this moment. The pressure to keep publishing is real, but you have some gems living in your archives already. It’s time to make them shine.

With a little tweaking and some TLC that blog post you wrote in a rush three months ago could become a resource that’s helpful, entertaining or inspiring to one or many of your readers.

Here’s what you could do:

  • Refresh your copy – check what’s there flows well and add to it in a meaningful way
  • Create new graphics to encourage sharing to Pinterest
  • Take new photographs or edit existing ones
  • Add a call to action

Speaking of calls to action…
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