5 Truths About Pinterest

While the world’s focused on Facebook and Instagram, could your audience be spending their time somewhere else?

Today I’m sharing five truths about Pinterest, one of my favourite places to share quality content AND attract readers back to my blogs.

Truth #1 – Pinterest’s a search engine

Wondered why I talk about social media management separately from my Pinterest support? It’s because Pinterest’s a visual search engine instead of a social network. It’s a place where people go to seek out inspiration for their home renovations, ideas for planning their child’s birthday party or to indulge in a bit of digital window shopping. Pinterest’s a place for finding, collecting and getting deeper into subjects we’re interested in and that’s quite a solo thing.

When you’re thinking about introducing or making better use of Pinterest for your business it’s definitely worth keeping this in mind. A big part of my Pinterest optimisation work is effectively search engine optimisation (SEO) – like you’d do for Google, just for a different search platform and often a slightly different audience. I’ll be sharing a guide on SEO soon but for now think about this: how might someone search for this (blog post / product / infographic)? What words might they use, and in what combination?


Truth #2 – Your follower count doesn’t matter

With social media it’s easy to get caught up in monitoring how many followers you have, setting goals and pushing yourself to reach the next milestone. On some platforms – Instagram, for example – a high follower count is sought-after and yes, does often help when it comes to securing media/press attention or sponsored opportunities. (It shouldn’t be everything though – and engagement should always be your #1 goal!).

On Pinterest your follower count has very little effect on the one thing that matters – how other Pinterest users find your content. Our Pinterest home feeds aren’t solely content from people we follow – they’re a mixture, mostly based on what Pinterest thinks we’d like to see (based on our previous searches and what we’ve saved). While having more followers doesn’t hurt, it’s definitely not an area that you should be putting too much energy in to – that’s much better spent on optimising your profile, refining your content and pinning regularly.


Truth #3 – You don’t need board covers

Some people absolutely love having board covers (where you create an image to act as your Pin board cover, usually all matching) and some don’t. I’m here to tell you that it’s personal preference – and it’s not something you NEED to invest in. It’s a nice to have (if you like them), but to date I’ve not seen any evidence that proves they’re more effective in encouraging people to follow you or engage with your content. For the most part Pinterest users will be looking at your content as it appears in their feed or their search results, so instead focus your attention on optimising those pins and giving them the best opportunity to appear in searches.


Truth #4 – Seasonal content is big, and it’s early

Pinterest is a huge place for planning and gathering ideas, which makes it especially attractive when it comes to seasonal events and celebrations. This presents a lot of opportunities for you – especially if you/your brand is open to creating seasonal content (like a guide on how to save money for Christmas) or you sell items that are trending (e.g. you’re a florist and it’s approaching Valentine’s Day).

Not only is seasonal content big on Pinterest, it also pays to start thinking about it early. It’s currently January and people will be planning Valentine’s Day already, and back-to-school is popular during that long summer break. Add seasonal content into your marketing and social media plan for the year – when you combine that with Pinterest you’ll be giving yourself a great opportunity to reach people who are passionate about the very thing you’re sharing. Not sure where to start? Check out my guide on top places to find inspiration for your content.


Truth #5 – It doesn’t take a lot of investment to see results

Unlike something like creating videos for YouTube or running successful ad campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest’s an area where you can start to see real results without a huge upfront outlay. Once you’ve optimised your profile and identified how to use the platform strategically, it’s something that won’t require a big financial investment or an overwhelming amount of time (if you’re handling it yourself).

I will say that it’s definitely a branch of your marketing that’ll benefit from consistency, so if you’re planning to enhance your presence on Pinterest this year make sure you’re dedicating time each week to pin new content (a mix of yours and others’) to stay active. You’ll also need to spend some time on research, designing attractive pins, and SEO to help position your pins in front of people searching for content.


Are you investing in Pinterest this year?

If you want to start seeing real results from Pinterest this year why not invest in my profile review and refresh, or outsource your Pinterest management completely. If you’re going down the DIY route I’m hoping to launch a guide very soon – make sure you’re on my mailing list to find out when it launches!

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